How To Maintain Red Hair Color

How To Maintian Red Hair Color

The past few weeks, I’ve received no shortage of questions about my hair…the red color to be exact. From fellow naturalistas stopping me on the street asking me what color I used, to random old  white men striking up conversation in empty elevators on how I achieved the look. lol. I’m flattered that it’s attracting so much attention.

A couple weeks ago, I decided to punch up the color to a fiery red, from the more muted copper red color I’d been wearing since January. My sister, Tamari Zeigler,  is a professional hair stylist based out in Los Angeles. She’s really the only person I trust to color my hair, and this time she really worked her magic.

Keep reading for more details and tips on maintaining your own color…. 

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Comfortably Cute

Zoe Zeigler_Forever21 Lace Cream SweatshirtTalk about a jam-packed weekend. What haven’t I done over the past few days? From business meetings, to industry events, to community service activities and  social gatherings, I feel like I’ve been running around non-stop since Thursday. And while I could complain about being busy, truth is, I wouldn’t have it any other way. When you move to New York City something in your blood changes. You don’t need as much sleep, grinding all day, every day becomes second-nature, and in between all the beautiful chaos that is your life, you still find time to hang out with your friends and those that matter most. Maybe that’s why I love this city so much.

Boyfriend Jeans| Forever21 Lace Sweatshirt

This unique take on a plain ol’ sweatshirt I found at Forever 21 paired with a loose-fitting boyfriend jean complements of the Goodwill did the trick…. 

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‘Fight On’ Fashion

It’s homecoming season for colleges and universities across the country. So I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to my own alma mater, the University Of Southern California, whose homecoming festivities are tomorrow. Fight On, Trojans!!

USC Homecoming Zoe Zeigler_USC Trojan Zoe Zeigler_USC Trojan

Photos by my fellow USC Trojan O’Shea Galan

Happy Three Month Bloggerversary To Me!

Today’s a  special day for Curlz And The City. The blog is celebrating its 3-month anniversary! In a season’s worth of time, I’ve written over 50 entries, posed for more than a dozen ‘outfit of the day’ shoots, and have had a handful of amazing opportunities come my way as a result of following this little dream I’ve had for years.

Living In Purpose Quote

A couple days ago, I posted the above quote on my Twitter page after introducing myself to a pretty notable mogul who told me he knew who I was before I even approached him because he’s been following the blog. To me, that encounter confirmed that I’m right where I need to be, doing exactly what I’ve been called to do. Curlz And The City is at the intersection of many personal interests and passions for me, and is really an example of the great things we can all attract to our lives just by listening for our calling and being willing to take bold steps to walk in that calling when ever it makes itself clear.

So in honor of this 3-month milestone, on the road to many more, here are just a couple of my favorite (and your favorite) posts from the past couple months.

My Girls And Our Curlz

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My Deva Cut from Devachan SalonDevaChan-DevaCut-_Tapered-Fro_In-Progress

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On The Verj Nail Lacquer

On The Verj Nail Lacquer

Eye-catching outfits don’t stop with the clothes alone. In my world, accessorizing is a must. It doesn’t always have to be a statement necklace, though. Sometimes the best accessory of all is a well-groomed, pop-of-color nail to pull the entire look together.

Recently, I learned about a new line of nail lacquers designed to not only help women look good, but also feel good from the inside out. Needless to say, I was hooked.

On The Verj Nail Polish

Just a few of the On The Verj nail polish colors

On The Verj is a nail polish line by Kristen Kenner, a 23-year old Brooklynite who got the idea for her nail line while in a business class at her alma mater Temple University. A life-long nail polish fanatic who owns no less than 100 bottles of polish at any given time, Kristen knew a thing or two about what makes a good lacquer. It not only has to check the box for being an eye-catching color and long-lasting formula, she also wanted to introduce a line that was free from many of the harmful chemicals that many commercial brands include (On The Verj is proudly five-free).

Kristen Kenner_On The Verj Nail Lacquer

Kristen Kenner is the Founder and Executive Director of On The Verj nail lacquer

So after meeting Kristen at a business networking event a few months ago, and expressing my love for all things style and beauty, she kindly sent me a few colors from her spring/summer and fall/winter lines to try out. It was love at first paintbrush stroke…. 

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