Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress | H&M
Harlem Fashion | Little Black Dress

The little black dress. A must in every woman’s closet. LBDs, as I like to call them, are so versatile and can take you from day to night effortlessly if you accessorize right. I always make sure I have a few styles to choose from in my wardrobe, all in different shapes & cuts.

Little Black Dress | Harlem FashionHarlem Fashion | Curlz And The City

This one I picked up at … 

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DIY Project: How To Make Your Own Jewelry Organizer

When you live in New York City’s smaller than normal dwellings, you have to real get creative with your organization and storage. Not too long ago, I was in search of a better way to store all of my jewelry. My collection of earrings is quickly approaching 100 pairs and, some months back, it began to outgrow the t-shirt and hanger thing-a-ma-jiger I was posting it on. I also have a growing love for necklaces and the door knob on my closet turned display rack was about to reach its breaking point.

So, I did what any resourceful NYC girl would do…I took a trip to HomeGoods and The Home Depot, found my glue gun, and set out to make a jewelry organizer for less than $20.

Do It Yourself Jewelry Organizer

I ended up with this, which is as much an art installation in my room as it is a very useful organization system. I completed this project before I started my blog, so unfortunately I didn’t think to document a tutorial. Not to worry, though. Read on for step-by-step instructions on how you can create something similar…. 

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Birthday Glitz

Bright Red Hair | Zoe Zeigler

Time to toast to another year of life. Today’s my birthday! As they say, “another year older, another year wiser.” And as 28 comes to a close and my chapter number 29 begins to be penned, over the past year I feel like I truly learned the meaning of that famous expression. So, as I leap into a new year of life, here are a couple important life lessons that I’m taking with me:

  1. If it feels right, do it. If it doesn’t, don’t. It’s that simple.  This goes for pretty much everything.  If something feels right, at your core, then give it a try. And if it doesn’t, no amount of effort will make it right…on to the next.
  2. There’s this thing called your gut. Listen to it. It will rarely steer you wrong.
  3. Age ain’t nothing but a number. Society will always try to tell you that at a certain age you should have accomplished this, amassed that, be doing this… but if you live your life based on someone else’s imaginary timeline, you’ll always feel like you’re coming up short.
  4. Time is one of the few things in life we can’t replenish, so use it wisely.  Be selective about what you fill your time with…and who you spend it with.
  5. Sleep is over rated.  Make sure you get the rest you need, but, remember, no-one ever looks back on life and remembers the night they got plenty of sleep. You’re young and you have the world at your fingertips.
  6. Things always look better on social media. Don’t let the hype fool you.

So with it being my birthday and all, what better occasion to pull out this little sparkly sequin number I got from one of my go-to stores a while back.

HM Conscious Collection Sequin Jacket

HM Conscious Collection Gold Black SequinRead on for outfit deets…. 

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How To Maintain Red Hair Color

How To Maintian Red Hair Color

The past few weeks, I’ve received no shortage of questions about my hair…the red color to be exact. From fellow naturalistas stopping me on the street asking me what color I used, to random old  white men striking up conversation in empty elevators on how I achieved the look. lol. I’m flattered that it’s attracting so much attention.

A couple weeks ago, I decided to punch up the color to a fiery red, from the more muted copper red color I’d been wearing since January. My sister, Tamari Zeigler,  is a professional hair stylist based out in Los Angeles. She’s really the only person I trust to color my hair, and this time she really worked her magic.

Keep reading for more details and tips on maintaining your own color…. 

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Comfortably Cute

Zoe Zeigler_Forever21 Lace Cream SweatshirtTalk about a jam-packed weekend. What haven’t I done over the past few days? From business meetings, to industry events, to community service activities and  social gatherings, I feel like I’ve been running around non-stop since Thursday. And while I could complain about being busy, truth is, I wouldn’t have it any other way. When you move to New York City something in your blood changes. You don’t need as much sleep, grinding all day, every day becomes second-nature, and in between all the beautiful chaos that is your life, you still find time to hang out with your friends and those that matter most. Maybe that’s why I love this city so much.

Boyfriend Jeans| Forever21 Lace Sweatshirt

This unique take on a plain ol’ sweatshirt I found at Forever 21 paired with a loose-fitting boyfriend jean complements of the Goodwill did the trick…. 

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