Lotions & Creams To Beat Ashy Winter Skin


I always say that I never really knew what real ashiness was until I lived through an east coast winter. You know, that kind of ashiness where it doesn’t matter how much lotion you just put on; as soon as you walk outside and look at the crease of your hand, it seems as if you’ve been playing in flour.

I’ve always been strict about moisturizing as soon as I get out the shower with a light to medium lotion. But in cold winters like this, that alone does not cut it. I find that I need to switch to richer formulas for my regular lotion routine AND complement that with special creams for my hands and feet.

Here are three lotion and skin creams lines that do an amazing job of moisturizing my skin and fighting ashiness during cold dry winters…. 

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I’m Featured In AfroElle Magazine!

Zoe Zeigler in AfroElle MagazineIt’s always a treat to be featured, but even more-so when the publication you’re included in is by black women, for black women. AfroElle is a digital magazine celebrating women of African heritage, with a mission to encourage, empower and elevate its readers by celebrating our achievements and our contributions to our communities.

This month, for their January ’15 issue, AfroElle had a special section highlighting how women ranging from prominent bloggers to business professionals are setting and sticking to their new years goals in 2015. And I was delighted to be one of them. Check out the full article in the free digital edition of the magazine here.

Wash & Go Tutorial w/ Beautiful Textures Curl Definer

Beautiful Textures Curl Definer Styling Custard

Hi beauties! If you follow me on Instagram, you know that last week I posted a photo about a new product I tried out for my wash & go process that gave me outstanding results. So I wanted to let you all in on my little secret and give you a tutorial on the new wash & go process I used to achieve it.

Here’s my very first YouTube video highlighting my wash & go process using Beautiful Textures Curl Definer Styling Custard…. 

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11 Tips for Thrift Store Shopping Success

11 Tips For Thrift Store Shopping Success

Hey lovelies! For today’s post, I thought I’d continue on the theme of second-hand shopping I introduced last week (when I shared some of my favorite thrift and consignment stores in NYC).

I started thrifting about 4 years ago and have found some amazing, one-of-a-kind pieces during my hauls (here and here are some of my great finds)! I wouldn’t call myself a die-hard thrifter by any means though. I probably thrift, vintage or consignment shop about 6-8 times out of the year. But when I do go, I make sure to have a strategy so I can make the most of my shopping expeditions.

Here are 11 thrift store shopping tips to help you not only score some amazing pieces, but make the shopping process one of ease and enjoyment as well.

Patience is key – Shopping for second hand treasures is not for the faint of heart. Doing it properly takes time and resilience. Yes, you will flip through 50 items or more that you hate for every one that will make it into your cart, but it will all be worth it when you find that gem (like this). Put on your big girl panties, turn on a good shopping playlist and be prepared to spend an hour or more in the store!

Location, location, location – This tip is more for people in spread out cities like L.A. than in compact ones like NYC, but it can apply no matter where you are. I personally have had the most success at thrift stores in artsy, trendy or more upscale parts of the city. They just have better selections in my opinion…. 

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Dear Hinge: I like Black Menz!


So, I’ve recently been taking a stab at online dating. I’m happily single right now so I figure why not have some fun. After swearing off Tinder a few months ago, at the nudging of one of my best girls who seems to be on great dates multiple times a week thanks in part to dating apps, I sheepishly crawled back into the online dating space and signed up for Hinge.

It’s been about a week that I’ve been on Hinge, swiping like or pass multiple times a day with high hopes of coming across a cutie that will pique my interest. Right now however, Hinge is getting a big fat #FAIL!!! in my book. Why? Because I can’t find a black man on this thing for the life of me!!

I thought it was me. That I needed to give the app a couple weeks to learn my preferences. But then I came across this article on Business Insider yesterday highlighting some of Hinge’s most eligible singles in NYC. Take a look at the article for yourself. See a trend here?

Dear Hinge: I tried to like you. I really did. But the dearth of fine, straight, well-educated brothas is about to get you deleted.

Has anyone else had this issue? Or is it just me? The doors of the comments section are now open. Chime in please.