Miss Jessie’s Miko Branch Shares Her Agenda

Miss Jessie's Her Agenda Event Recap

Reason #557 I love living in NYC is all of the great talks and networking events that the city has to offer. Last week, I was in for a real treat when I had the opportunity to attend an intimate evening hosted by Her Agenda featuring Miko Branch, Co-Founder of Miss Jessie’s.

Surely I don’t have to tell you who this power player is… 

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Fanm Djanm Headwrap Tutorial

Zoe Zeigler in Fanm Djamn African Headwrap

I was having a rough hair day on Friday, but I refused to let that cut into my Friday night plans with the girls. So I pulled out my old Fanm Djanm headwrap and did a quick but stunning headpiece that turned heads all night long…. 

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5 Tips for Buying Argan Oil + The Oil Making Process

A few weeks ago I posted a review and tutorial about some new products boasting the benefits of argan oil. Since then I’ve received a few questions about using and buying argan oil in its pure form. And thanks to my adventures in Morocco last year, I’m uniquely equipped to answer them!

Argan Tree Goats in Morocco

That’s me in front of an argan tree in Morocco. Apparently goats like to stand in them…they walked up there themselves.

For hair, argan oil is great for sealing in moisture. It’s also ideal to use in your non-hair beauty regimens as well, including as body oil, cuticle softener, makeup remover and more.

While in Morocco I had the great opportunity to visit a women’s cooperative that specialized in argan oil making. The local ladies demonstrated first-hand how argan seeds are processed to make this highly popular cosmetic oil.

Take a peek at the process and stay tuned at the end of the post for 5 tips I learned for buying argan oil of your own.

Argan Oil Seeds

Argan fruit starts out looking like this.


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I’m Moving On

The EveryGirl Studio Apt Inspiration

After nearly 4 years in NYC, living in the historic Mount Morris Park District of Harlem in Manhattan, it’s time to move on…. 

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Stylin’ In Sneakers

DSC_0311  DSC_0324

I’ve been all about comfort lately. My poor little feet have been revolting against me walking around NYC in heels or throw away shoes and were screaming for comfortable styles with structure. So I recently invested in my first pair of non-workout, stylish sneakers in years. … 

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