Summer Single’s Getaway


I’ve been battling travel withdrawal lately. So, my travel bestie and I are packing our bags and escaping the city for a few days.  Where am I going, you wonder? Follow my adventures on my Instagram page to find out. See ya soon!

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5 Ways To Style Box Braids

I’ve had my box braids in a little over two weeks now, and I’m loving them. I’ve been having fun finding different ways to keep them out my face style them. Here are 5 different looks I’ve been rotating in.

Box-Braids-Bun-Curlz-And-The-City Box-Braid-Flat-Twist


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Empowering Women At Live Smart Series 2015

One of my biggest passions is empowering and inspiring other women – whether it’s through this blog, the organization I lead here in NYC, my volunteer role and even the work I most enjoy in my day job.

I’m happy to announce that in just two weeks I’ll have the opportunity to do that on an even greater level as a featured speaker at the Live Smart Series in NYC!

Live Smart SeriesI’m super geeked for the opportunity! The event brings together hundreds of ambitious young women from across the country for an inspirational weekend, where we explore what it really takes to live a smart and successful life. And I’ll be joined by some other great women, including mavens like Anne Fulenwider, Editor in Chief of Marie Claire;… 

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Relieving Dry & Itchy Scalp from Braids (VIDEO)

Happy first day of summer, beauties!!  If you’re like me and you’re trying braids or a protective style this season, this post is for you.

Fixing Dry Flaking Scalp From BraidsAs you know, I got box braids last week. Overall, I’m loving them. However, my scalp doesn’t always feel the same way. My scalp has been a rather itchy over the past week and has been flaking more than normal. I think this is something most women who get braids after a long time away from them experience (I tried twists for a few weeks earlier this year, but other than that, I haven’t had braids in over 5 years).

Luckily, I discovered some ways to relieve my braid scalp issues, and I wanted to share them with all of you. Check out my latest video on my YouTube channel below…. 

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The Makings of a DOPE Weekend

It’s Thursday, so I’m sure you’re already getting your weekend plans all lined up. And if there’s one thing that should be on your list this week, no matter where you live, it should be to see the movie Dope.  I repeat: see the movie DOPE!


I got to see it at the American Black Film Festival last weekend, prior to its Friday release date of tomorrow (6.19). And let me tell you, this movie definitely earned its place in classic black movie history as far as I’m concerned (and not just me…the critics say so, too)…. 

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