Red, White…Black

Zoe Zeigler_Curlz And The City Black Leather Dress Armani Exchange

So last week was pretty much the last time I could get away with not wearing any leggings/tights under a dress for the next 6 months pretty much. The temps dropped over night, from high 60’s to low 30’s. Oh well, I guess that comes with the territory when you live in NYC.

I purchased this leather dress almost 3 years ago now and, until last year, it pretty much sat in my closet because I wasn’t sure how to wear it. It’s short sleeve, but the fabric is more fall/winter than anything else. I realized that the key to wearing this, was to layer a long sleeve shirt underneath.

Zoe Zeigler | Curlz And The City

This time I paired it with… 

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Blogalicious 2014: Me, Claire, Toyota & Tribal Groove

Blogalicious_Zoe Zeigler_Claire Sulmers

If you would have told me four months ago today, when I launched this blog, that I would one day share the stage with the founder of the top multicultural fashion blog around, at the #1 conference in the nation for bloggers of color, I…probably would’ve believed you…but I certainly would not have thought it would happen so soon.

But last week, that’s exactly what went down when I was invited by Toyota to not only attend the 2014 Blogalicious conference, but to close it out as the host of “Cocktails and Conversation with Claire”—Claire Sulmers, that is, founder and editor-in-chic of the Fashion Bomb Daily.

Fashion Bomb Daily_Curlz And The City

My connection to Toyota runs deep, so I was delighted when I heard they were the presenting sponsor of Blogalicious this year, and even more thrilled when the Vice President of African American Business Strategy asked me to be their conference spokesperson alongside Claire. Claire is someone I have admired for years who embodies my blogger dream of having a thriving platform doing something she loves that inspires women around the world, while getting paid well for it.

And the theme of our chat was appropriately “Be Bold. Be Great.” Part of achieving great things in life is taking bold steps. One bold choice does indeed lead to another, and “boldness” is at the cornerstone of walking in your greatness. Claire’s story is a great example of this.

Now, since I was tasked with getting my Oprah on with one of the top fashion bloggers out there, I had to bring my own A-game in the fashion department for the occasion. I knew Claire was going to bring it, so I had to come with my own “slayage,” as my good friend calls it.

Tribal Groove Jasmine African Print DressSo what’s a girl to wear? Read on!… 

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Beyond the Lights 2

A certain 4 letter word has been top of mind lately. You know, the one that starts with the letter L and ends with an E. I’m not exactly sure why. Perhaps it’s because while I’m contently single and happily not wasting my pretty for the time being, I do wonder what it will feel like when true love does come along. And not that temporary, fleeting, kinda feels like love, love. I’m talking the kind that’s kept my parents happily married for 30+ years.

How do you know when it’s true? Is it a feeling you get at the very pit of your stomach? Does one’s heart really skip a beat? Or is it more than just a notion? Perhaps it’s being able to feel like your most authentic self in front of someone, flaws and all, yet still appreciated and adored by them in every way? Is it being able to talk to, laugh with and be in someone’s presence for what only seems like minutes, then realizing it’s actually hours that have passed you by? Or is it simply a choice you make; a decision to express love to your partner in their own unique ‘love language’ as they also do so in return? Maybe a combination of this all, and more…

While I know film and fictitious depictions of romantic love aren’t the place to turn to get the answers, I can’t help but indulge. What can I say…I’m a sucker for a good love story. And earlier this week, I came across a great one when I was invited to a special screening of a new romantic drama called Beyond The Lights. … 

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Leather Lapels

Just a week from today! My very first CurlZ And The City event, Guys & Dolls of Style. I can’t wait to see all your beautiful faces there. Several of you asked me to do a post on the blazer I wore in the event flyer. So, here it is!

Vintage Blazer Beacons Closet

(If you haven’t already RSVPd for Guys & Dolls of Style next Wednesday, make sure to here)

Vintage Black Blazer - Curlz And The City

Vintage Black Jacket Beacons Closet

I got this suede & leather beauty from one of my go-to consignment stores in NYC,… 

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The Layered Look

Harlem Fashion - Curlz And The City Gap Distressed High Waist Jean J.Crew Flannel Womens Shirt - Gap Denim Vest

Happy Monday, loves! The past few days, I’ve been in San Antonio for Blogolalicious, the top national conference for multicultural bloggers. Stay tuned later this week for a recap of my conference highlight, interviewing the beautiful Claire Sulmers, founder & editor-in-chic of Fashion Bomb Daily. I’ll also make sure to dish on this dress I posted on my Instagram, which I wore for the special occasion!

My flight back to NYC yesterday morning had me up at 5 A.M., but even though I’d just rolled out of bed, I refused to look like it. This layered look was effortless, while being comfortable and cute.

Gap Denim Vest | High Waist Jean Harlem Mount Morris Park District | Zoe Zeigler

Read on for outfit deets…. 

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