Casually Cute in Cali


Packing my bags for a trip back to my hometown of Los Angeles is always fun.  L.A. is the city of the “casual cute” look.  Lately I’ve been experimenting with dresses that are loose and flowy, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to test some new ones. No, I am not pregnant or gaining weight. I just get a kick out of testing the limits of feminine and a little sexy without having to feel like I’m wearing saran wrap. Kind of like my take on the little black dress I posted a few months back.


On Sunday I stopped by Huntington Beach for a day of leisurely fun in the sun with my mom. I decided to pull out this little grey number from… 

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L.A. Bound!

I’m taking my talents to L.A.! Well…for a weekend anyway. I’m headed back to my hometown to celebrate holy matrimony between two dear friends from college. I’m an NYC girl through and through now, but I still love my occasional trips home. Here are 6 things I’m looking forward to while there:

The amazing weather Blogger Zoe Zeigler Travel When I lived in L.A., this was my attire pretty much all year round. After enduring a bitter NYC winter, it will be nice to be in a warmer climate where I don’t have to think about what kind of coat to wear when I leave the house.

Spending time with my family DSC_0012I miss my mom…and my diva of a sister (who also happens to be the stylist responsible for my red hair color).

The epicness that is about to be this wedding celebration Campeche WeddingMy friends eloped to one of the most beautiful & unique places in the world late last year. It was only them and their photographer/videographer and no one has ever seen the photos. This weekend’s celebration is expected to be a lot like an art gallery opening as they reveal the amazing moments that were captured there… 

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A New Choice For Makeup

Once upon a time, the only way a girl could try out makeup & cosmetics products before buying was to schlep herself all the way to the department store makeup counter. These days, thankfully, we have choices. Literally. There’s a new “test-&-try-then-buy from the comfort of your own home” makeup service that I recently learned about called Choix…or french for ‘choice.’

Choix Makeup Sample Subscription Review

The female-led beauty start-up was so nice to send me my own customized Choix box to try out recently. Choix works a lot like other popular beauty sample services out there in that you create an online profile with your beauty preferences, then the beauty gurus behind the scenes hand-select a variety of sample sized makeup products for you.  They package them up. Then send them right to your door step.

You’ll get to test out everything from eyeshadow to lipstick to foundation and more; all from popular premium brands like Bobbi Brown, Chanel and numerous others.

Choix Makeup Sample Subscription Review

I got 5 different products in my box, including… 

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Big Curly Fro – The Beshe Drew Wig

Beshe-Drew-Curly-Afro-Wig-Review Beshe-Drew-Curly-Afro-Wig-Review

Hi dolls! So, those of you that follow me on Instagram saw me rocking a new style the past couple days. So, I wanted to put your curious minds to rest and tell you all about it. It’s actually a synthetic curly wig by Beshe in their Drew style. I filmed a quick video all about it, so continue on for more info…… 

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6 Substitutes for the Louis Vuitton Neverfull

Substitutes Alternatives to Louis Vuitton Neverfull

When you live in NYC, a good, large tote bag that you can throw your life in and go is a must. I leave my house at 8 a.m. most mornings and often don’t return until after 10 p.m. so I have to schlep everything I need for the day with me—from laptops to shoes and more.

My go-to, day-to-day bag for most of my 4 years in NYC has been my Louis Vuitton Neverfull (size MM). In December, though, it was the victim of a tragic accident on the subway (note to self: if your purse strap gets stuck in the subway doors, don’t yank it out…wait until the next stop when the doors open back up). I considered buying another one, but I learned that the price for the bag has went up nearly $400 since I purchased mine 4 years ago! I’m good. Luckily I could get it fixed instead at the Louis Vuitton store for around $100.

So while it was being repaired, I researched some other options to rotate in that were both functional and fashionable. Here’s some of my top choices:

Louis-Vuitton-Neverfull-Alternative-Substitute-GAPGAP Leather Crossbody - I love the handles coupled with the detachable crossbody strap. They also have different colors and a slightly larger version here.


Mansur Garviel Tote – I’ve been eyeing this Mansur Garviel version for a while, but it’s in such high demand there’s always a wait list. It comes in so many other great color combinations too, like brown with blue lining.

Louis-Vuitton-Neverfull-Alternative-Substitute-J.Crew-Downing-ToteJ.Crew Downing – This J.Crew bag is also a classic. I actually ended up purchasing this when I found it for … 

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