How To Host A Clothing Swap Party

how to host a clothing swapA few months back, my fabulous roommate Sophia and I decided to invite some of our favorite girls over for a leisurely ladies afternoon at our home. All of our friends are extremely stylish in their own right, so we decided to mix it up with a clothing swap and called our gathering the Sunday Sip & Swap.

While this was a few months ago, with the weather change calling for us east coaster to change out our closets for the new season, I thought this post would be right on time to help spark some ideas for your fall gatherings. And at the end of the post, there are even 5 tips for anyone who wants to host one of their own.

Sip and Swap Invite

The Sip & Swap invite

For our party, we sent out invitations asking all the women to go through their closets and wardrobes and pick 2-3 pieces — clothes, shoes or accessories — that were in great shape but they just don’t wear anymore. We all have that fierce dress that no longer fits or that cute little clutch that hasn’t seen daylight in ages; we wanted the ladies to bring those pieces…. 

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Brooklyn Museum Brights

Having a blog that’s so centered around images and pictures has changed the way I explore my great city of New York. Before, I used to wander from borough to borough (…ok well really only Manhattan and Brooklyn) for the sole sake of being a tourist in my own city and stumbling upon new sights. I still do that; but now, I also always have an eye out for buildings, landmarks and neighborhoods that can play backdrop nicely to some of my favorite wardrobe pieces.

Brooklyn Museum is one of those spots. The grand architecture that mixes modern with vintage mirrors my own style in many ways.

Zoe Zeigler | Brooklyn Museum Zoe Zeigler | Brooklyn Museum
Zoe Zeigler | Brooklyn Museum


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Product Review: Lottabody Curl & Style Milk

It’s Wednesday, which means I’m coming to you with another post all about hair!

A few weeks ago, a new product for curly girls was sent my way by nice folks over at Lottabody. They recently went through a complete ‘brand revolution,’ as I like to call it, which included the introduction of some brand-new products.

Lottabody Moisturize Me Curl And Style Milk | Product Review

When they offered to let me test-drive their Moisturize Me Curl & Style Milk, of course I said yes. Lottabody is a brand that has been in my cabinet, my mother’s cabinet and probably even my grandmother’s too at some point or another since I was a child. So I had to find out what their new curl enhancing product was all about…. 

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It’s Leather Time!

Leather Vest | Zara Black Brown Leather HeelsLeather Vest | Zara Black Brown Sandal HeelsIt’s definitely been feeling like the onset of fall here in NYC these past few days. The temperatures have been brisk…not quite boots and jacket weather yet, but it’s definitely cooler out. So, I’ve been transitioning in some of my wardrobe pieces in staple fall/winter fabrics and materials, like this leather vest.

Leather Vest | Zoe Zeigler | Curlz And The City

Leather Vest | Zoe Zeigler | Curlz And The City

Later in the year, you’ll catch me layering this over long sleeve tops and dresses, but for right now, … 

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11 Ways Real Life in NYC Is Actually Like ‘Sex And The City’

A few weeks back, I did a post about how ‘Sex And The City’ and real life in NYC just don’t add up (that’s your cue to read it here).  And while, yes, the show will set you up for dashed hopes and dreams if that’s all you base your expectations off of, the truth is there are still things about SATC that ring true for real-life NYC gals like me. Here are 11 ways real life in NYC is actually like Sex And The City:

1. Your girls are as essential to life in NYC as air itself.Sex And The City - Real Life NYC
2. It’s not the weekend unless brunch is
3. Dating in NYC is an adventure…sometimes a roller coaster, other times a fairytale…but always an adventure.Sex-City-Carrie-Big_320… 

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