5 Tips for Healthy Hair Growth + Styling Tutorial

Beautiful Textures Wash And Go Tutorial

I’m at a little bit of a crossroads with my hair. While I love my funky, fierce and colorful tapered haircut that’s been my trademark for over two years now, I’ve been feeling like I’m ready for something new for a few months now. I’ve been back and forth so many times. Should I cut it? Should I grow it? Should I dye it another color? What to do!?!

I had to remind myself that the beauty of having natural hair is that it’s so versatile. Why not experiment with something different?

So, I’ve decided to… 

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What To Wear To The ColorComm Conference


A recent ColorComm event In NYC

A week from today, over 300 of the top women of color in communications, media, marketing and more will descend on Miami for the 2nd annual ColorComm Conference. The sold-out event is going to be HUGE! Three days of networking, professional development, a little partying…and lots of fashion!

As executive director of ColorComm in NYC, one of the main questions I’ve received from conference-goers is, “What do I wear?”.

This year, one of the biggest fashion blogs around, The Fashion Bomb Daily, will be there capturing the best looks of the day. So, ladies, start planning out those outfits now! Read on for the daily ColorComm Conference dress code and some style inspiration from some of my favorite bloggers and media gals.

Weds Night – Cocktail Attire

We officially kick #C2Miami off with the ColorComm Circle Awards, featuring a keynote by award-winning journalist Lisa Ling. Then we head right into party mode with the BET After Glow Party with DJ MC Lyte spinning for the night.

Claire Sulmers 3Claire Sulmers, founder of the Fashion Bomb Daily (Photo: The Bomb Life)

TheWerkPlace-48Style Blogger Tiffany Battle of The Werk! Place… 

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Beginner Juice Cleanse Guide: 10 Tips For Success

10 Tips For A Juice CleansePart 2 of My Juice Cleanse Series

Last week I successfully completed my very first juice cleanse! I’m a girl who loves her food, but I was able to get through 3 days of liquids only with no hunger pains and without cheating on my juice cleanse. And you can, too!

In my previous post, I walked you through how I prepared for my 3 day juice cleanse — including how I selected my juice store, how much my cleanse costs, and what I ate before my cleanse to set myself up for success — so if you haven’t already referred to it, you can check it out here.

Proper preparation was part of the reason I was able to successfully rock my juice cleanse, but good habits and some helpful tactics along the way were key to my completion…. 

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Beginner Juice Cleanse Guide: The Proper Preparation


Carb-Loving Girls Guide To A Successful Juice CleansePart 1 of My Juice Cleanse Series

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that last week I attempted and successfully completed my very first juice cleanse! For three days, I eliminated all solid food from my diet and only consumed fresh, cold-pressed juices and water. Now, I’m a girl that LOVES her food, and especially carbs. I don’t like diets and I’ve failed at almost every single one I’ve tried. So how did I get through three days of a juice cleanse with no hunger pains and absolutely no cheating ? Well, I’m here to share my secrets, so you can do it too!

Today, I’m talking preparation for the cleanse. And tomorrow I’ll be back with my 10 tips for a successful cleanse.

Why A Juice Cleanse?

First off, my juice cleanse was NOT a diet…. 

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Journey to Beautiful

Thoughts On Beauty

Sometimes feeling beautiful is easier said that done. With so many images of what appears to be perfection swimming around us at any given moment — on our phones, in magazines, when we’re simply trying to walk down the street — it’s easy to feel like sometimes you just don’t measure up. While I consider myself a pretty confident person, I’m not immune to this. I don’t think any of us are.

My head is often held highest when my hair is nicely coiffed and my makeup on point. Nothing wrong with that. But there was a time when I only truly felt beautiful when I was ‘put together’. When I’d plucked, polished, weaved and blended my way to perfection.

Confident or not, seeing beauty in oneself in the raw — no adornments, no primping, flaws and all — is something I’m always working on… 

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